Nagesh Adluru

I'm an Associate Scientist in Waisman Laboratory for Brain Imaging and Behavior at University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Research Summary

My core training is in computer science and in sub-fields of computer vision and machine learning. Currently, my research program is to model various steps in neuroimage processing and analysis with special emphasis on using machine learning algorithms. I have been performing analysis of MRI data from a variety of neuroscientific studies for nearly 8 years now.

Please see my CV for full list of publications. Here's my current NIH style bio-sketch.

Research Resource Development

Students (Mentoring)


  • Karthik Aroor (Electrical Engineering - Graduate)
  • Jose Guerrero (Medical Physics - Graduate - NSF graduate fellow)
  • Hyunwoo Kim (Computer Science - Graduate)
  • Seong Jae Kim (Computer Science - Graduate)
  • WonHwa Kim (Computer Science - Graduate)
  • Andrew J. Schoen (Computer Science - Graduate)


  • Emily Balczewski (Computer Science - Undergraduate - NSF's IBS-SRP)
  • Anne Bartosic (Undergraduate - First position - Marketing at GE)
  • Sylvia Charchut (Undergraduate - Summer 2012 research student from Southeastern Louisiana University, under NSF's IBS-SRP program)
  • Michael Dean (Undergraduate - Summer 2016 research program, Conte Center)
  • Tom Dubois (Undergraduate)
  • Samuel Doran (Undergraduate - First position - Research specialist at Waisman)
  • Dan Destiche (Undergraduate - First position - Research specialist at Waisman under my supervision - now in medical school)
  • Chad Ennis (Undergraduate - Now a student at UW Medical School)
  • Chris Hinrichs (Computer Science - Graduate - Director of machine learning at Univfy Inc.)
  • Andrew Hoy (Medical Physics - Graduate - First position -Director of translational imaging at Uniformed Services University)
  • Sharon Lu (Undergraduate - Now a graduate student at Stanford)
  • Kamiya Motwani (now at Walmart Labs)
  • Bimaljit Pangli (Undergraduate)
  • Danica Samsin (Undergraduate - First position - Research specialist at Waisman)
  • Michael Stoneman (Computer Science - Undergraduate - Summer 2015 research program, Conte Center)
  • Elizabeth Zakszewski (Medical Physics - Graduate - First position - postdoc at Medical College of Wisconsin)


    Waisman Center, T-129
    Madison, WI 53705

    The best way to reach me is via email: adluru at wisc edu