Tim and Tom turn 40 - A big thank you to all!

Tim & I had a great night, and want to thank you all for making it such a memorable occasion. Yeah - I know what you're thinking. It needs to be memorable, since our brains are well along their inevitable decline, speeded no doubt by the countless brain cells we put out of their misery on the night.

There were many highlights.

Walking in to such a large gathering of friendly (scheming?) faces, with the smell of grilling lamb wafting accross the keg was pretty good, cheesy 80s music and posters notwithstanding.

Mullet wigs - what was with the mullet wigs? Were they meant to be a 1980s fashion reference or something? Tell that to the Canadian hockey players, American Nascar fans, and Aussie footie fans, who proudly lead the fashion world into the 21st century with their post-modern mullets.

The football cake, complete with appropriately proportioned likenesses of me and Tim standing on a frighteningly green pitch - all natural food colouring I'm sure, Leigh. Maybe there's some left-over "food colouring" that we can use on our lawn? For any parents who had kids at the party - be assured that the green will grow out of your kids' hair within a few months.

Of course we will not easily forget Tim Salomons' exquisite video performance, his own version of James Blunt's modern masterpiece, with which he is obviously intimately acquiainted (the song that is, not James, though given his performance, who knows?). Terry Oakes provided the sensitive video production, showing that he's not only good at animating brains.

Heleen's parents gave a stirring rendition of a not-so-modern Dutch classic in honour of Tim. The Dutch, being Dutch, do not see why a song should only have one ending, and this was no exception. Perhaps it was their tribute to all those 1980s 12 inch remixes, which turned a 3 minute pop song into a 15 minute dance extravaganza. Maybe they thought there should be one ending for each year in Tim's life. Whatever the artistic intention, it was fantastic - thank you very much and gutso!!

Later in the evening we had the BPE (Brad Postle Experience for those not in the loop), with a gushing tribute to AFNI, sung to the tune of the Hoodoo Gurus "What's My Scene?". Brad's performace got off to a rocky start, due to alcohol-related problems with his roadie (same old, same old...), but like a true professional he pulled it together in the end. You will no doubt receive eternal enlightenment, Brad.

The party wound down around 3am, though most of the younger folk had left by then to get their beauty sleep. Thanks once again to all of you! Have fun looking through the photos below!


Photo Gallery

The Embarrassing Slideshow (24Mb Large!)

The Video from Heleenís parents (14Mb)

Colleagues/Friends from San Diego (42Mb)

Jim Rappold (5Mb)

Dave and Sarah (25Mb)

Margrita and Lukas (50Mb)

The PBE Afnigui lyrics