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PDFs of Publications (update: October 2009)


Lutz A, Slagter HA, Rawling, BN., Francis, DA., Greischar LL, Davidson RJ, (2009) Mental training enhances stability of attention by reducing cortical noise (J. of Neuroscience). pdf


Lutz A., Greischar L.L., Davidson, R.J. (2009) Relation between heart rate and BOLD signal during compassion meditation in experts and novices Neuroimag. pdf


Lutz A, Slagter HA, Dunne JD, Davidson RJ. Attention regulation and monitoring in meditation. Trends Cogn Sci. (2008). pdf


Slagter HA, Lutz A, Greischar LL, Nieuwenhuis S, Davidson RJ. (2008) Theta Phase Synchrony and Conscious Target Perception: Impact of Intensive Mental Training. J Cogn Neurosci. pdf


Khalsa SS, Rudrauf D, Damasio AR, Davidson RJ, Lutz A, Tranel D. (2008) Interoceptive awareness in experienced meditators. Psychophysiology. 2008 May 20. pdf.

Lutz A, Brefczynski-Lewis J, Johnstone T, Davidson RJ (2008) Regulation of the Neural Circuitry of Emotion by Compassion Meditation: Effects of Meditative Expertise. PLoS ONE 3(3): e1897. doi:10.1371/journal.pone. pdf

Lutz A., Dunne J.D., Davidson R.J. Meditation and the Neuroscience of Consciousness: an Introduction in Cambridge Handbook of Consciousness edited by Zelazo P., Moscovitch M. and Thompson E. (2007) pdf       

Lutz A. Neurophenomenology and the study of self-consciousness. Conscious Cogn. 2007 Sep;16(3):765-7. pdf

Brefczynski-Lewis JA, Lutz A, Schaefer HS, Levinson DB, Davidson RJ. Neural correlates of attentional expertise in long-term meditation practitioners. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2007; pdf

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Thompson E., Lutz, A. and Cosmelli, D., Neurophenomenology: An Introduction for Neurophilosophers in Cognition and the Brain : The Philosophy and Neuroscience Movement (Eds. Brook A., Akins K.), Cambridge University Press (July 31, 2005). pdf

Lutz, A., Greischar, L., Rawlings, N.B., Ricard, M., Davidson, R.J. (2004). Long-term meditators self-induce high-amplitude synchrony during mental practice. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 101, 16369-16373. pdf

Tzelepi A., Lutz A., Kapoula Z, (2004) EEG activity related to preparation and suppression of eye movements in three-dimensional space. Exp Brain Res. 2004 Jan 17

Rudrauf D., Lutz A., Cosmelli D., Lachaux J-P, Le Van Quyen M.. (2003) From autopoiesis to neurophenomenology: Francisco Varela's exploration of the biophysics of being. Biological Research, 36 (1), 27-65. pdf

Lutz, A., Thompson E. (2003) Neurophenomenology: Integrating Subjective Experience and Brain Dynamics in the Neuroscience of Consciousness. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 10, No. 9-10, 2003,pp.31-52.). pdf

Lutz A, Lachaux JP, Martinerie J, Varela FJ. (2002) : Guiding the study of brain dynamics by using first-person data: synchrony patterns correlate with ongoing conscious states during a simple visual task. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 5;99(3):1586-91. pdf

Lachaux JP, Lutz A, Rudrauf D, Cosmelli D, Le Van Quyen M, Martinerie J, Varela F. (2002) Estimating the time-course of coherence between single-trial brain signals: an introduction to wavelet coherence. Neurophysiol Clin., 32(3):157-74. pdf

Lachaux J-P., Chavez M., Lutz A. (2003) A single measure of correlation across time, frequency and space between continuous brain signals. In press in Journal of Neuroscience Methods. pdf

Lutz, A. (2002) Toward a neurophenomenology as an account of generative passages: A first empirical case study, Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, 1(2) :83 :234. pdf

Le Van Quyen M, Foucher J, Lachaux J, Rodriguez E, Lutz A, Martinerie J, Varela FJ. (2001) : Comparison of Hilbert transform and wavelet methods for the analysis of neuronal synchrony. J Neurosci Methods., 30;111(2):83-98. pdf

Lachaux J-P, Rodriguez E, Le Van Quyen M, Lutz A, Martinerie J, Varela F (2000). “ Studying single-trials of phase-synchronous activity in the brain ” International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, 10(10):2429-2439. pdf

Getz WM, Lutz A (1999) : A neural network model of general olfactory coding in the insect antennal lobe. Chem Senses., 24(4):351-72. pdf.

PhD. Dissertation (in French)

Title: "Pour une Approche Neurophénoménologique des Bases Neurodynamiques de l'Expérience Consciente : Application à un Protocole de Vision Stéréoscopique" zip of .pdf (17Mbs.....)

Bc. Dissertation (in French)

Title: "Phénoménologie de la vision stéréoscopique : Usage pragmatique de travaux de Husserl et de Merleau-Ponty sur l’espace vécu en vue de dégager les invariants d’une expérience de vision stéréoscopique" pdf