Complete python builds including packages useful for medical imaging. Installs in /usr/local/Python/Versions, so you sysadmin won't gripe about messig with /usr/local/lib. It is not relocatable. This isolates the build from the usual search path but also eliminates the need to use LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Linux rpms were build under scientific linux 5 (essentially redhat 5).

The Mac package was built under Snow Leopard. It is a 64-bit build but is NOT a framework build. That means it won't do GUI's, but matplotlib works with it an that's all I care about.

Modules in build

  • Python. Include readline and tkinter
  • Numerical python (numpy)
  • Scientific python (scipy). Includes atlas package and sparse matrix package.
  • matplotlib. Wonderful module for plotting.
  • PIL. Python imagign library
  • paramiko. Python access to ssl library.
  • cython. Easy access to C.
  • pydicom. Package for reading and writing dicom files.
  • yaml. Serializer that creates human-readable text files.
  • pyqt (linux only). Used for QT backend to matplotlib.

Last modified February 24, 2011