Dan Grupe, PhD



I'm an Associate Scientist in the
Center for Healthy Minds and the Waisman Laboratory for Brain Imaging and Behavior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

I'm also an avid homebrewer, fermentationist, baker, gardener, biker, and curler.


My research is broadly centered on the question of why stressful and traumatic life events lead to PTSD, depression, and other illness in some people but not others, and how we can intervene to support more resilient trajectories.

My basic neuroscientific and psychological research investigates mechanisms that underlie individual differences in perceived stress and psychological distress. I used a wide variety of methods in this research, including functional and structural magnetic resonance imaging, diffusion imaging, peripheral psychophysiology, neuroscientifically grounded behavioral assessments, self-report, and qualitative methods.

In addition to this basic research, I conduct behavioral intervention research to investigate the potential of mindfulness-based interventions to modify these mechanisms and alter trajectories of risk and resilience. This work has investigated the potential of mindfulness-based approaches to bolster resilience and address physical and mental health outcomes in military and law enforcement populations. In a new program of stakeholder-engaged work, we are working with individuals directly affected by incarceration to develop novel meditation-based programming for corrections and re-entry. This work at the intersection of contemplative science and practice, mental health, and the criminal justice system has twin goals of individual transformation and systemic change of unjust and inequitable systems.

I am committed to developing community-engaged research practices that look to community wisdom and expertise to inform issues that affect those communities. I am also committed to advancing the careers of women, scholars of color, and other individuals who are traditionally under-represented in the sciences through training and mentoring opportunities.


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First Responder Resilience and Mindfulness Training Curriculum (2017)

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