Statistical and Computational Methods in Brain Image Analysis

(c) 2013 Moo K. Chung 
Department of Statistics and Medical Informatics
Waisman Laboratory for Brain Imaging and Behavior
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Febuary 01, 2013

This website contains all the MATLAB codes and data set illustrated in the book. The directory containing the files are here. By dragging the whole \matlab.v1 directory to your desktop of your local computer, you can copy and paste the whole directory into your computer. You may need to set up proper path for the package to work. Most chapters have the corresponding MATLAB script starting chapter.For instance, the script corresponding to chapter 1 and 4 are

chapter01-brainimages.m, chapter04-smoothing.m

Send email to for any inequity about MATALAB codes and data. If you report typos and bug reports, I would also appreciate and will immediately try to fix the problem.